The Farm

A relaxed atmosphere with the feel of a home paddock on a country property.

An area for local fresh food shopping with features that include:

  • a hanging hydroponic herb and vegetable garden, a café, nursery and florist,
  • an orchard for families to relax and enjoy themselves under fruit trees,
  • a native garden to increase the amount of native plants on the property and provide privacy to our direct neighbours

Three low-rise buildings on the site – the conservatory, the homestead and the barn.

A basement for customer parking – including customers from other shops on Eastern Road, with all loading, recycling rooms and plant and equipment located below ground.

Key Features


  • A conservatory (greenhouse/sun room) is envisaged to be built on the northern side of the property. The conservatory will be surrounded by a 25 fruit tree orchard, a giant lavender planting box and the native garden.
  • The conservatory will be a combination of a café and florist with an outdoor area for a nursery and café seating.
  • The orchard will be a combination of grassed areas and fruit trees and will present as an open area for the community to relax and enjoy like a public park.


  • The homestead will be the centerpiece of the Farm.
  • The building is designed as a grand Australian country farmhouse with large covered verandas.
  • The Harris Farm Markets store will be based inside the homestead.
  • A hanging hydroponic garden will be located in the pitch of the roof of the homestead, visible from within the building.


  • The barn will be situated on the corner of Eastern Road and Tennyson Avenue.
  • The barn will comprise two independent fresh food shops that will be separate to the Harris Farm Markets store.
  • One store will be a fresh fish market and the other will be a hot chicken shop.